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30 ideas for self care this September

We’re putting our foot down. For ourselves, for our friends, colleagues and everyone we care about. This September we are focusing on self-care. Looking after yourself is super important to you health – physical and mental and your ability to get things done. We all need to reminders to slow down, relax, take a moment to ourselves, without all the pressures of our everyday lives.

So here they are, 30 suggestions for self care that you can try this September (or anytime!) when you need to put you first.

Laugh. At anything. Put on a funny movie, watch some cat videos.

Dance. Play groovy, funky, soulful music and move like there’s no tomorrow.

Eat well. Fresh fruit and veggies. As little professed food as possible. Green smoothies galore.

Drink something nice. Speaking of smoothies, or coffee or hot chocolate or a cocktail with an umbrella. Drink and enjoy.

Catch up with a friend. Even 30 minutes for coffee may change your mood completely. Or it doesn’t have to cost anything, invite someone to your place just for a chat.

Go for a walk. Hug a tree. Listen to the birds. Understand the world is bigger, wilder and more beautiful than we often remember.

Take photos on a walk. Notice the small details. Take the beauty home.

Take a warm bath. Bubbles or no bubbles. Relax your muscles, rest your mind.

Lie in the sun. Sensibly of course. But absorb that Vitamin D.

Eat a treat. A jelly bean. A marshmallow. A gourmet chocolate. Anything you can savour and makes you feel special.

Notice your breath. Breathe in to the count of 7, filling all your lungs. Breathe out to 7 and empty all the air.

Stretch. Your arms, your legs, your neck. Make your muscles do their job.

Blow bubbles. It’s amazing how simple things can make you feel so much better.

Tick something off your to do list. Satisfying isn’t it?

Read. Fiction for your imagination, non fiction for your brain. Either way, it moves you out for your own world.

Spring clean. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start small. A cupboard, a room, your car.

Listen to a guided meditation. Even 5 minutes can help.

Spend time with animals. Your animals, your friends animals, your local shelter or a dog park. Give something a pat.

Write a gratitude journal. A daily note about what you are grateful for, or a weekly round up. A great focus shifter.

Paint. Or create any art you like. Mold clay, fold origami. It doesn’t have to be amazing. It’s just for you.

Visit an art gallery. See how others are creating. Contemplate, be inspired, feel.

Get a massage. Hot rocks, shoulder, aromatherapy, chinese, thai, whatever, get a rub down.

Create a comfortable space. A corner of your room. A bedroom. A special chair. Something that’s comfortable and just for you.

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Exercise. Get moving however you like it. Can’t remember ever liking exercise? What did you like as a kid? Jump rope? Trampolining? Splashing around in a pool? Do that.

Be in or near water. Sit next a creek. Fish in a lake. Throw coins into a fountain. Splash your toes into a river.

Travel. Just for a day. Just for an afternoon. Be a tourist even if you’re been their before. Explore like it’s all new.

Learn something new. Watch a documentary, read a book, talk to an expert. Expand your perspective.

Sleep. 8 hours, or more. Turn off the alarm.

Cuddle. Anyone, everyone.

Unplug. Turn off the computer, don’t check your emails, stopping scrolling on social media. Just for a day, or even a week.


So how many will you do? If you are staying plugged in, follow us on facebook and let us know how it’s going.

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