A note to you

Dear wonderful soul

I hope this finds you safe and well. I know the strain you have been under of late and I am reminded about how strong and brave I always thought you to be, and how I know you will be okay.

As I write, I am looking out of my window, where the sun is shining on the leaves of the birch tree I planted all those years ago. It still grows, big as ever. I like to rest under there and feel the gentle breeze on my face, and run my fingers through the soft grass underneath me. I do think it is the simple things like that which help pull us through and make life so wonderful.

So, here’s my news. I have been thinking about what I can do for you and I had an idea that I would send you a parcel of all my favourite things. The kind that cheer me up.

I do hope you enjoy what I will send. Selected especially by my sister and I and sent with love to you (you know how good she is with sending a kind word).

Until we next meet.

Yours in loving kindness,