All You Need Is Love

So, tell me about your day. Let me guess, did it go something like this?

Alarm, breakfast, shower, dress, get the kids out of bed, get them ready for school, get the kids to school, rush off to work, eat lunch sitting at your desk, stress about the deadlines piling up, leave work, rush to pick up the kids from child care, rush home, throw something on the stove for dinner (who cares what right?), bath the kids, get them to bed, collapse on the couch, watch some mediocre television, fall into bed, sleep (maybe).

That’s just an example. You may have noticed there are no full stops in there. That’s because on any given day, rarely do we find the time to stop. When was the last time you had ten minutes to yourself? I’m not talking about the ten minutes you spend waiting for the train to arrive or watching the rice to boil. I’m talking about ten minutes all to yourself, in a time, place and situation that you choose.

Sometimes we’re all so busy doing everything for everyone, that we forget about one of the most important people in the universe – ourselves. You’ve heard the buzz words – self-care, well-being, mindfulness. It seems like a great idea at the time and then, well, as so often happens, life gets in the way.

This week, try something novel – find five or ten minutes to just be in your own space. Clear away the clutter, stop looking ahead or behind and focus on the moment. It can be as simple as listening to your breathing or going to sit in the park or by a lake. It doesn’t cost anything, yet it repays you a hundred times over in kindness. Your mind and your heart will thank you.

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